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Help for the Homeless · Hope for the Helpless

Help T.R.E.A.D. Today

Help for the Homeless · Hope for the Helpless

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Our Mission

All hands on deck ...

 The Rock Enterprises and Development Corporation  (T.R.E.A.D.) is dedicated to aiding in the transformation and equipping  of homeless, low-income individuals, and families with assistance that  will help break the cycle of poverty and prepare them to rise above  their impoverished lifestyles. 



  • Abounding In Christ Love Ministries
  • Brown & MacNeal Property Preservation
  • CBJ Events 
  • Chicagoland Prison Outreach
  • Christ's Hands and Rescue Mission
  • Cook County Mental Health Center
  • CPD Domestic Violence Support
  • CRS-F.O.R.C.E.
  • DESI Workforce Center
  • Greater Roseland Chamber of Commerce
  • GROW in Illinois
  • IDES 
  • KRA Workforce Center

More Resources


  • Metropolitan Family Services
  • The Monroe Foundation
  • Pullman Christian Reformed Church
  • Roseland Hospital
  • SGA Youth Mentoring
  • Sheldon Heights Church
  • South Side Helps
  • Victory Outreach City Church
  • Violence Reduction Strategies
  • South East Jobs Collaborative
  • Washington Heights Workforce Center
  • 34th Ward Ministerial Alliance

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