About Us

What We Do

Rev. Elena Calloway and constituents

The Rock Enterprises And Development Corporation  (T.R.E.A.D.) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting  homeless, low-income individuals and returning citizens with the  rebuilding of their lives. The Life Restored Resource Center serves  as a source of transformation for our clients.  T.R.E.A.D. was birthed  out of the closure of at least 9 shelters on the South Side of Chicago  in 2012 and the loss of over 300 shelter beds that same year. With those  closings went many of the ongoing assessment and referral services,  enrichment programs and employment training opportunities offered to the  homeless on the South Side, particularly in the West Pullman and  Roseland Communities. The Life Restored Resource Center offers many of those services through the valuable resources it has acquired, based on the needs of our clients.  

Our life skills programs are focused on workforce development and include components to address financial literacy, job training and support groups (i.e., increasing self-esteem, domestic  violence survivors, and emotional wellness). The Life Restored Resource Center offers  referrals to partnering organizations for  substance abuse, anger management, and HIV/AIDS  counseling.  These life skills programs enable our clients to  eventually procure employment, sustaining themselves and their families, thus emerging from a lifestyle of impoverishment.